Like Learning provide training that is tailored to fit you, your needs & your ongoing development. We created Like Learning in early 2011 with a strong conviction that meaningful training should extend well beyond the ‘walk in’ ‘walk out’ mentality offered by so many providers.

We aim to reinvigorate the world of training by offering a seriously creative & learner-centred customised service which supports your team long after the initial training is complete.

This goes hand in hand with our reputation for high quality provision, a proactive attitude & a  full on 150% commitment to helping you & your company achieve their goals. Scroll to meet our people.

How do we make sure that learning is likeable and long lasting?

  • Learner-centred – individual learning needs assessed and provided for
  • Practical – supporting delegates in finding solutions to real problems
  • Three hours of post-learning personal support for each participant
  • Long term learner cohort check-ins
  • Guaranteed likeability*

Any participant who believes they have not benefited at all from the training, let us know & we can arrange a refund/further coaching, as you wish.

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