How to lead in a VUCA world?

The first time I heard of it, I thought how much it rhymed with a certain word that many (mainly right-wing) politicians may have emitted during the last 48 hours… It stands for Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – an acronym that uncannily describes the external environment in which UK leaders are, more than ever…

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Are you using Fat or Lean Words?

Words are powerful. Words are dangerous. Sticks and stones may break bones and window panes but words can break relationships, communities and international relations. So what words are you using? Are they “fat” words or “lean” words? What do they signify to the receiver? Are they the kinds of words that dent or cement relationships?…

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The only constant is change (Ka Ching)!

We don’t do open courses. At least that’s what I told Matt Trimer, owner of i-vantage training in Blackfriars. How can an open course reflect a specific sector, a client’s issues and values? Like learning is all about bespoke training, full stop. Yet all around me businesses are evolving, adapting, learning how to meet customer…

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Learning about networking

The following article aims to help us improve how we network, based on my own networking learning curve.  Many introverts may still feel an urge to run, but this is a bid to make networking bearable, even enjoyable by getting others to reign in… Don’t look past other people. You may be a seriously strategic thinker,…

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living learning

Living Learning

Once upon a time when I was setting up this company, having had a long discussion with co-conspirator Liz Webster. I considered buying the domain –  but it was just too long. Learning and living it though is key. How to do it? A key question… [Trainers] can lead you to water but they cannot…

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