living learning

Living Learning

Once upon a time when I was setting up this company, having had a long discussion with co-conspirator Liz Webster. I considered buying the domain –  but it was just too long.

Learning and living it though is key. How to do it? A key question…

[Trainers] can lead you to water but they cannot make you …. you know the saying.  No they can’t – it’s up to each (adult) participant to decide what to do with the learning they’ve gained afterwards, we can’t make anyone do anything.

Just leave it there? No, I can’t.

We believe in liking learning and living it too. At Like Learning all training is geared towards living it afterwards – how do we do this? We don’t just give out texts, looong lectures and models. Following a creative icebreaker, Participants are asked to analyse the information, the merits or demerits of models, critique them, dismantle them, decide what parts they can use, where and when; and as the learning is tailored to each organisation, participants are already engaged, because it speaks to them and the challenges they face.

Learners are motivated to use the learning throughout each course as they explore and internalise it so that despite the dreadfully full inboxes and post-course wham days, they will want to make changes. How do we demonstrate our beliefs in living the learning? If delegates need support, they have up to 3 hour’s free support from Like Learning following the course, they can call, email or even request an additional skype meeting. People also have action plans, scheduled learning cohort check in dates and a workbook full of tools to refer to. We don’t just walk in on the day and walk away afterwards.

Finally, in addition to all of the above, future learning interventions & reviews are considered and offered as a package to the firms we work with to strive to ensure that not only do participants like learning, they live it too.